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Our Process

If you’ve never worked with a Financial Advisor before and aren’t familiar with how it works, take a look at our 5 step process below.

  1. We will fill out our Fact Finder together to gain an understanding of your current financial picture. 
  2. We analyze what your upcoming needs are. This could be retirement planning, retirement funding, college funding for your children, life insurance, or tax planning to name of a few.
  3. We review the results of your Fact Finder and what your current needs are and begin looking for solutions. Through Cambridge Investment Research, RMB Financial Services has access to a universe of solutions that could work for you.
  4. RMB Financial Services finds the best solution for the client. We don’t work for a specific product or company, we work for you to find the best solution that is available.
  5. Once your plan is put into motion, we review and communicate with you at least annually. At any time, you will have online access to view your portfolio.